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How we connect with
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Reach is everything – not just an attempt to connect to everyone and everything, but to your core audience. While also looking to capture those who could be interested in what you have to offer. We accomplish this with laser-focused targeting approach, coupled with creative messaging that speaks directly to their interests.

Elephants use low frequency “infrasounds” or sonic rumbles, which can travel over great distances, to speak to one another. This gives them their own private channel of long-distance communication that plays an important part in their social lives; not just with their herd, but with other elephants outside of it, as well. We use a method based on this idea; RUMBLE.

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Getting the groundwork laid down

Before we begin to explore anything tactically, it’s important we get the rails down. Deep research and diligence is done to gain a clear understanding of who we’re talking to, what their interests are, and where they “live” – the channels we’ll utilize to reach them – which will help us establish our objectives.

We let the data dictate our decision-making. From there, we build, launch, measure, report, and pivot if and when we need to in order to get the best possible outcomes!

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