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Many brands hail influencer marketing as the new crown jewel of digital advertising. This comes as no surprise, as influencer marketing has the potential to provide businesses with a staggering return on investment, superior customer engagement, and improved revenue. 

Roughly one out of every four businesses are planning to spend over 40% of their budgets on influencer marketing.

Like any form of digital advertising, there is a right way and a wrong way to do influencer marketing. For the companies that get it wrong, the results are disastrous. 

If you want to avoid making a mistake that will have your brand reeling for months or even years, then you have come to the right place.

Below, Enormous Elephant, Dallas’ top social influencer agency, has outlined four tips that can help you to design a high-performing influencer marketing campaign. Read on to find out what our experts recommend!

1. Set Distinctive Goals

Your campaign goals should serve as a guide during the entire planning process. Every decision you make should bring you one step closer to accomplishing these goals. 

Some common goals of influencer marketing include:

  • Creating fresh content
  • Increasing app sales
  • Improving your social media following
  • Boosting brand awareness

Regardless of your goals, it is important that they are both specific and attainable. Otherwise, you will find yourself aimlessly modifying your influencer strategy and undermining your own efforts.

Having a clearly defined purpose behind your influencer marketing campaign will also help you identify which metrics you should be tracking. For example, if your goal is to improve consumer engagement, then you should be tracking views, likes, and shares.

2. Partner with the Right Influencer

When you’re researching influencers, you must consider several different factors. You should determine whether they are a great fit for your brand, whether they have a strong following, and whether they are keeping users engaged. 

An influencer can post regularly and keep their audience engaged, but they may not necessarily be a good fit for your organization. If their values do not align with your organization’s ethos, then they are not a good ambassador for your brand. 

Keep in mind that influencer partnerships are a two-way street. If an influencer does something that is shocking or inconsistent with your values, then it will diminish your brand’s reputation.

You should also assess whether an influencer has a loyal following and if they are keeping those users engaged. Do not just look at the total number of followers that they have. Review their posts and find out how much engagement each of their posts is generating.

3. Watch Out for Fraud

Influencer fraud is an all-too-common occurrence. While some of these incidents involved outright criminal activity, most influencer fraud consists of more subtle deception. These “influencers” make lofty promises and create a lot of noise during the early stage of the campaign, only to leave you without any measurable results. 

If you want to avoid this danger, vet potential influencers. You can do this on your own by partnering with a social influencer agency. Either way, vetting your influencer is vital, especially for small businesses. 

4. Make Offers that You Can Back Up

The quickest way to ensure that your influencer campaign goes down in flames is to make promises that you cannot live up to. 

Many fledgling brands are tempted to boost engagement by asking their influencer to advertise a free giveaway. While this can be effective, make sure that you can back up your offer. 

Instead of offering a free product or subscription for every share over a 24-hour period, set a cap on the giveaway that is manageable. For example, state that the first 1,000 shares win a free t-shirt or one month of app service. The post might just go viral, and you will be able to build consumer trust by following through on your commitment. 

Let these four tips be your guide when you’re planning your campaign. Doing so will help you avoid common mistakes and find the right influencer to grow your brand.