Comprehensive OB/GYN

Comprehensive OB/GYN is a women’s health provider featuring a team of board-certified physicians. They offer complete women’s care, ranging from basic obstetrical services to sophisticated lap gynecological procedures and surgeries.

Some of the medical services that they offer include: Obstetrics, Gynecology, Ultrasounds, Contraception, Genetic testing, and Hormone replacement therapy.

The Comprehensive OB/GYN team prides themselves on providing compassionate care, high-quality services, and a personalized touch.

Beyond providing first-rate medical care, the team at Comprehensive OB/GYN believes in educating their clients about every aspect of the treatments that they offer.

To match their premier services, the office needed an agency that had the capability to provide innovative digital marketing for doctors.

What We Delivered
  • Digital Strategy
  • Paid Search
Results Overview
  • 400+ New Patient Requests
  • $11.48 Cost Per Conversion
  • 13.8% CTR
The Challenge

Digital strategies for success

Comprehensive OB/GYN first partnered with Enormous Elephant in February of 2021. Their office was performing well at the time, but they knew an effective digital strategy (designed especially for doctors) could take them to greater heights. Their primary goal was to acquire as many new patients as possible.

The Comprehensive OB/GYN office provides specialized types of medical care. They are one of only a handful of offices to offer their services in the McKinney, TX, area, so they wanted to make sure that they could leverage this opportunity with an updated online presence that would stand out from the competition. Through forms on their website, they wanted to highlight their various unique services. They also sought to explore the possibility of expanding into new offices somewhere down the line.

For months, Comprehensive OB/GYN searched in vain for an agency up to the task. After some time, they found Enormous Elephant. And we knew that we could help them cultivate the digital presence they needed to meet their goals.

Rolling in to provide solutions

How Enormous Elephant helped

Before partnering with the team at Enormous Elephant, the leadership at Comprehensive OB/GYN had spoken with other digital marketing agencies. None of them had been successful in helping the company to meet its goals.

Enormous Elephant knew the best approach to take. It was decided that the most effective strategy would be to use targeted search campaigns.

Several paid campaigns were created and launched to target individuals who were searching for OB/GYNs in nearby zip codes.

Enormous Elephant also provided the company with ongoing search campaign management and monthly reporting calls so that they could see the results of their campaigns firsthand, making adjustments along the way as needed. As anticipated, the targeted campaigns were highly successful..

The Outcome

The results were clear

The search marketing campaign was successful. Over a four-month period of time, Comprehensive OB/GYN received more than 400 new patient requests. 

With this type of targeted campaign, the cost per conversion was only $11.48. This provided the company with an excellent return on their marketing investment.

The site’s clickthrough rate also increased to 13.73%. That drastically outstripped the 2021 Google CTR benchmark of 3.27% for similar health and medical campaigns.

The Results


New Patient Requests


Cost Per Conversion


Clickthrough Rate

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