National Retailer

Providing a retail behemoth with SEO to drive traffic and sales

One of Enormous Elephant’s clients is a nationwide specialty retailer. Founded in the early 1990s, this retailer has grown into an enormously successful franchise.

The company boasts more than 1,250 store locations in the U.S. With a strong focus on providing excellent customer service, the retailer has continued to expand since its founding, with an inventory that consists of an impressive catalog of more than 37,000 basic items. Each store location carries an average of 5,700 different products.

National Retailer | Enormous Elephant
What We Delivered
  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO
Results Overview
  • 12% Increase In Organic Search Traffic
  • 63% Increase In Online Sales
  • 28% Increase In Total Revenue
The Challenge

Increasing organic search traffic

While their brick-and-mortar locations were thriving, the company wanted to increase their organic search traffic online. When they contacted Enormous Elephant, the company was overly reliant on paid media. 

At the time, paid media drove their sales. The company had previously attempted to integrate SEO for retailers to increase their organic search traffic, but their past experience with an enterprise SEO agency had been a negative one. Because of this, the company was very skeptical that SEO could successfully drive organic traffic.

But the team at Enormous Elephant has a track record of enacting successful SEO for retailers and we knew we could help.

Laying Down the Rails

Driving traffic with SEO for retailers

When they partnered with Enormous Elephant , the client had set a very aggressive goal for their online presence. The company wanted to grow their organic online traffic by at least 10% year-over-year.

Because the client previously had negative experiences with an enterprise SEO agency, they were reluctant to assign many internal resources to the project of driving organic search traffic.

While this presented a challenge, Enormous Elephant’s team of designers and specialists knew they could handle it. To help the client reach their goals, Enormous Elephant managed the organic and local search functions for the company. The team provided both back-end and front-end SEO.

The company’s needs were assessed and crafted SEO recommendations for future content were provided. In addition, the SEO that was already in place was updated. 

The Outcome

How we changed things

The SEO strategies enacted were highly successful. By incorporating effective SEO, the retailer was able to surpass their aggressive 10% yearly goal for increased traffic. 

After partnering with Enormous Elephant, they saw a year-over-year (YOY) increase of 12% in organic search traffic. The company also experienced an impressive boost in online sales of 63%.

That YOY growth proves how powerful SEO can be for retailers. The SEO recommendations and services that we provided helped increase the overall website traffic and online sales for this franchise. In addition, our SEO efforts increased the client’s total revenue by 28% for both online and offline purchases.

In the end, the client was incredibly satisfied with the powerful results that we were able to deliver.

The Results


Increase In Organic Search Traffic


Increase In Online Sales


Total Revenue Increase

Let's make things happen.

Many companies face very similar problems to those of this national beauty franchise. If you’re one of those businesses, and you want to increase your business’s organic search traffic or online sales, let the skilled team at Enormous Elephant help. 

 When you join forces with us, you get the best experience and knowledge the industry has to offer. Our SEO specialists can craft successful digital strategies for eCommerce businesses to raise their traffic and sales. When you need an effective enterprise SEO agency, reach out to the digital marketing professionals at Enormous Elephant.

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