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The Dark Knight Rises / Back to the Work

A taste for the theatrical.

It’s no secret our Co-Founder, Nate, is a bonafide geek. The guy has been collecting comics from the age of 8, attending conventions (we’ll spare you the cosplay), and standing in adoration of the Dark Knight. 2012 saw Christopher Nolan’s celebrated trilogy closer hit theatres, and in preparation for it, while Nate was running his passion project Geeks On Movies, he decided to flip the marketing on its ear and create his own set of key art.

Technically, no, it wasn’t specifically a client project, but after being shared on the ever-popular and garnering attention from the marketing department at Fandango (due to Google rankings for GOM – ha!) it proved to be quite a worthwhile endeavor that paid off in a big way.

DISCIPLINES: Branding, Digital, Print

A Steely Resolve

It was a fairly simple decision in picking the monochromatic palette. The franchise’s marketing from WB and company leaned towards the cinematography of each film; the rustic origins of Batman Begins, the fiery dusk of The Dark Knight, and the cold, steely end of a hero’s journey – it just seemed to play well with the vibe of the movie. Plus, we always loved the idea of a wintry Batman flick (see a fave: Batman Returns).

Knight Black


Overcast Skies




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