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This Thing Is Not For You / Back to the Work

Theatrical key art for the award-winning indie short.

Kachelle and Kalisha Zachery are the sister founders of Watzs Productions, a Dallas/Los Angeles based production company focusing on film and TV content for people of color. When they began the indie film circuit campaign for filmmaker Ifeanyi Awachie’s affecting short drama This Thing Is Not For You, they were in search of key art that both spoke to the film’s plot centered on a loving family’s differing views of reparations and evoked the feeling of warmth, even amidst strong disagreement between family members.

After many conversations and repeated viewings of the film, our team dug in to create the poster/key art and titles that did just that. Utilizing shots from the film, we created a divide and tension between the kids and the parents that is felt every moment of screen time. Needless to say, given our love of film around the office, this was one of the most passionate and rewarding experiences we’ve had and we were glad to play a role in the making of such a wonderful piece of art.

DISCIPLINES: Branding, Digital, Print

A Feeling of Warmth

After watching the film, and paying mind to the color grading and feelings of love and togetherness it evokes, and after a specific request from the filmmaking team, we settled on a warm palette that accentuated and heightened the attention to the actors’ skin tones.







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