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The Dallas Morning News / Back to the Work

Riding the wave into the digital age.

In 2015, The Dallas Morning News was struggling with losing subscribers to the digital media onslaught, where users had begun to get their daily news fix via other sources. Scrambling to revamp their image as a perceived “old” and “out of date” media outlet, they tapped us for an extensive creative campaign, across various channels, pushing the swap to a brand new, refreshed, and still trusted news source in order to regain subscribers. Needless to say, it worked. They found a 48% upswing in new subscribers, and a recapture of 37% of former subscribers. They loved us and what we provided so much, we found our way circulated throughout the DMN and over to other properties, GuideLive and SportsDay, for their re-imaginings as well. The news has never been so good.

DISCIPLINES: Branding, Digital, Print
ART DIR + DESIGN: Nate Smith