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Email Marketing That Moves Customers to Action

While social media campaigns and account-based marketing get most of the attention these days, email marketing remains a powerful way of connecting with consumers and your target audience. Email marketing strategies are particularly effective for remarketing and generating revenue in the long term. However, many businesses miss the mark, which can result in a limited return on investment.

Enormous Elephant can help! We use data-driven principles to create industry-specific email marketing strategies for our clients. We oversee every aspect of your email marketing campaign to develop an approach that will appeal to loyal customers and first-time buyers alike. Our goal is to accelerate the growth of your brand and foster increased conversions.

Become too big to ignore with Enormous Elephant’s email marketing services!

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We Create Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Enormous Elephant is a true one-stop shop when it comes to digital marketing and advertising. We are a collection of diverse and motivated professionals that can create a high-performing email marketing strategy for your company.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing does not simply involve sending out messages to past clients. We create effective email marketing strategies using a multi-faceted approach. This includes:

Content Creation

While every aspect of your email marketing campaign is important, it is essential that your messages contain high-quality content. Enormous Elephant’s team of writers and creators will develop custom content for your email campaign. This content will improve user engagement and boost conversion rates.

Not only will the team at Enormous Elephant kick out high quality visuals and messaging that hits the right notes for your customer, we’ll make sure it’s structured in a way that maximizes engagement opportunities at every level. It isn’t just about being pretty – it’s about doing what’s most effective, and based on what the feedback shows us the audience wants (and needs) most. We want to make sure they don’t just open, but click through your emails.

Strategic Messaging Intervals

Email marketing campaigns require finesse. Message past clients too frequently and they will be tempted to unsubscribe. They might even stop buying your products or services altogether.

On the other hand, messaging customers too sparingly can cause them to lose interest. It is important that your campaign strikes a perfect balance in messaging frequency so that your product stays relevant.

Enormous Elephant relies on industry-specific research to determine how frequently to message your clients. For example, if you sell short-use consumables or household goods, then you may need to message clients more frequently. However, companies like car dealerships or mortgage teams should message clients only when they are in-market or begin to show intent.

Testing and Feedback Review

While we are certainly confident in the content we create, our team also collects and reviews feedback. This allows us to tailor future content based on client demands. If a particular piece performs far beyond expectations, we want to know why so that we can replicate the result in the future.

Occasionally, we will include surveys in your emails. Usually, these messages coincide with a recent purchase or service. This allows us to keep a pulse on your consumer’s overall experience. We want genuine, meaningful feedback so that we can help you grow your business.

Reporting and Data Analysis

In addition to collecting feedback, we review key performance metrics. This allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. We review data such as conversion rates, leads or sales generated, and the average cost per conversion. These metrics have a strong correlation with the long-term success of your business.

Why Partner With Us?

Email marketing is an art form. While it may be a bit more straightforward than influencer campaigns or PPC marketing, email services still require a personalized approach. That is why you need the best email marketing service provider in Dallas.

Enormous Elephant has successfully managed email marketing campaigns for countless clients. We have a proven method that produces consistent, measurable results. Our clients reap significant benefits from partnering with Enormous Elephant, which can include:

Access to Personalized Content

We do not use a cookie-cutter approach to content creation. Every one of our clients receives personalized content that is made specifically for their company. This personal touch has a resounding impact with consumers and improves the success of email marketing campaigns.

Improved Sales

Our email marketing services have helped past clients to achieve improved sales. By tracking KPIs, we are able to provide clients with measurable results. With our help, clients can improve every relevant marker of success, including profitability and sales.

Better Communication with Target Audience

Building your brand and forging customer loyalty are vital if you want to achieve sustained success. Our email marketing services allow you to do just that. You can stay in touch with past clients and keep them aware of new developments within your company.

Increased Site Traffic

While an improved customer experience and better sales are at the top of any company’s priority list, our clients also generate increased site traffic. This will eventually translate to better SEO rankings and the potential for even greater sales.

Keeping a high amount of site traffic is essential if you want to make it to page 1 of Google’s search results. Enormous Elephant can get your page there and keep it that way through our multi-faceted marketing services.

Let’s make things happen.