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If you’re like most people, you probably receive dozens of promotional emails on a daily basis. But how many of these emails do you actually read? That’s what we suspected.

Most people do not make it past the subject line of a marketing email, which has led some marketers to give up on emails altogether. While we understand your dismay, it is not time to delete that old email distribution list just yet.

At Enormous Elephant, we offer comprehensive digital advertising solutions, including email marketing services. We have helped our clients to revitalize their email marketing campaigns and connect with consumers better than ever before.

Want to harness the power of email for your organization? Start by implementing our 5 tips for crafting effective marketing emails

1. Don’t Smother Your Audience

Perhaps the most common mistake that businesses make in email marketing is over-sending content. Do not smother your audience with daily emails. This will annoy them and push them closer to pressing that “unsubscribe” button. Even the most loyal customers will get put off by frequent emails.

Instead, send out a few emails per week at predictable times. Review key metrics to see how your campaigns are doing. Continue to adjust your strategies until you find the perfect frequency for your audience.

2. Create an Engaging Subject Line

A staggering 47% of marketing emails are discarded or opened based solely on the contents of the subject line. Talk about judging a book by its cover!

It’s no secret that consumers are extremely quick to make judgments about a business or advertisement. As the statistic above illustrates, this also applies to email marketing.

Before you send out an email, take the time to create an engaging subject line. Make sure that it is going to grab your audience’s attention. Otherwise, your email is going to end up in the trash folder before you can blink. 

3. Avoid Bland Content

While getting customers to open an email is certainly a win, it is still only half the battle. The last thing that you want is for your customers to be greeted with bland, uninteresting content. 

Make sure to mix up your email content. Don’t be afraid to break away from traditional marketing material. Get creative and craft a useful DIY guide or tutorial. Close it out with a gentle call-to-action that asks the reader to “like our page” or “check out our latest product”. You will be surprised how much user engagement rises! 

4. Use a Consistent Layout

Remember, a large number of users will be viewing your marketing emails from mobile devices. While flashy designs and complex layouts are great for social media campaigns or your service pages, they are not well suited for marketing emails.

Instead, stick with a clean, consistent layout. Make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile access so that all users can enjoy your content. You’ll also want to use the same basic flow on every email so that your loyal subscribers can quickly browse through content.

5. Be Concise

Most people do not read every line in an email. They are much more likely to skim through all of your expertly crafted marketing materials. With this in mind, we recommend keeping your marketing emails brief and to the point. Include bulleted lists whenever possible and try to limit messages to 250 words or less.

Partner with a Top-Quality Email Marketing Service in Dallas

Are you ready to kick the dust off that email distribution list and start connecting with consumers? If so, then it is time to contact Enormous Elephant. Our experienced marketing team can help your brand become too big to ignore!