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In 2019, web users sent and received 293.6 billion emails per day. In 2020, that number surged to well over 300 billion. Due largely to the historic events of 2020, email marketing has experienced a resurgence. It is producing a huge return on investment and helping businesses everywhere keep their doors open.

Email marketing is probably an integral part of your business, as well. But when is the last time you have made any real changes to your email marketing campaigns?

As one of the best email marketing services around, Enormous Elephant has plenty of experience on the topic. We have helped many clients to stay connected to their customers and generate more revenue than ever before through the power of email marketing.

In our experience, many businesses make the exact same mistakes with their email marketing campaigns. As part of our mission to help businesses recover from the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and 2021, we have outlined 4 ways that you can improve your email marketing campaigns.

1. Validate Your Contacts

Some business owners review their email lists every quarter. In years past, this was a perfectly acceptable practice. However, we recommend validating your contacts much more frequently due to the resounding effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Generally, we suggest combing through your contacts every month or so. As you do so, pay close attention to your bounce rate. If more than two percent of your email recipients bounce in a given month, then it is time to refine your list again.

2. Show Empathy

A new year often brings a restored sense of hope and optimism. While everyone was impacted by the pandemic, do not bring it up in all your emails. You should only mention it if absolutely necessary. 

However, you should still show clients that you are empathetic and want to help them move forward in 2021. Not sure how your business can help your clients? Consider running a survey or questionnaire. 

Find out which of your services are most valuable to them. If possible, consider offering small discounts on these services for the next few months. Clients will remember that your business was there for them when they were experiencing lean financial times. 

3. Watch for Spam Complaints

The old adage “You can’t please everyone” applies to email marketing, too. No matter how much you refine your email marketing, someone is going to complain eventually. 

While a single spam complaint may not seem like a big deal, accumulating too many of them can derail your email marketing efforts. Future campaigns could get flagged automatically and end up in the spam folder. They might even be blocked completely. 

Be proactive when it comes to dealing with spam complaints. When you identify an email account that belongs to a constant complainer, remove it from your mailing list. You should also provide the option for users to easily unsubscribe from your lists, if desired.

4. Make a Schedule and Follow It

We understand that running a business is challenging. In the midst of all the chaos, it can be easy to forget to send your next marketing emails. When this happens, your first inclination might be to just send the email out the following week. However, inconsistent emailing will reduce the effectiveness of your campaign.

If you send out an engaging marketing email and then fall off the grid for a month, some of your customers might unsubscribe or flag the message as spam. Make an email marketing schedule and stick to it. Determine how frequently you want to message consumers and be consistent.

Get the Best Email Marketing Service

Would you like to get more out of your email marketing campaign? If so, then it is time to contact Enormous Elephant. Our experts can help you to connect with consumers and increase ROI with a custom email campaign. Let’s make things happen for your business!