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In recent years, Facebook and Google Ads have become the preferred digital marketing channels for many businesses. This has led many companies to forget about email marketing completely. We are here to tell you that your company should consider dusting off that old email list!

Despite the shift toward other digital marketing mediums, email still has a 4,400% return on investment. As Dallas’ premier email marketing service, Enormous Elephant knows a thing or two about connecting with consumers via online correspondence.

Our experts have helped many companies to connect with consumers and refine their marketing campaigns through various mediums, including email. 

Below, we’ll outline 10 ways that you can revitalize your email marketing campaigns.

1. Review the Metrics

Review the key benchmarks of your email marketing campaigns. This includes stats like conversion rates, click-through rates, delivery percentages, and opening frequencies. You should also check out the bounce rate and number of unsubscribe requests that accompany anything you send out to your distribution list. 

Use this data to adjust your email marketing campaigns to make them more efficient. 

2. Experiment with Subject Lines

If your subject line is poorly constructed, many readers will delete your email immediately. Make sure to experiment with different subject lines to find out which format resonates best with your target audience. You can present these lines to a small test group from your email list or run them by the marketing team. 

3. Be Transparent

One of the worst mistakes that businesses make is to use misleading subject lines. When you’re composing marketing emails, make sure that the subject and body content are consistent and transparent. Users will not tolerate dishonesty or cheap sales tactics.

4. Be Concise

Subject lines not only need to be well constructed — they also have to be brief. Usually, we suggest subject lines of 3-7 words. Be specific, concise, and personal.

5. Use Your Space Wisely

The average user’s attention span is quite short. For marketing emails, this means that your content should be concise, clear, and easy to read.

6. Don’t Neglect Your CTA

Every marketing email should include a call to action. Make sure to tell the user exactly what you want them to do next and make it easy for them to carry it out. 

For instance, if your goal is to grow your social media following, make sure to include a link or button in the email so that they can do it quickly. If the task is tedious to complete, many users will not follow through. 

7. Quality Over Quantity

Be judicious when you’re sending out marketing emails. Do not bombard users with multiple emails per day. This will quickly prompt them to hit the unsubscribe button!

Instead, spread out emails over regular, consistent intervals. For example, send out an email every Monday and Friday so that users are exposed to your messaging twice per week.

8. Do Not Become Too Pushy

Emails that are overly salesy are not appealing to users. If customers feel that your only goal is for them to buy a product, many of your emails will be left unopened. Try to craft a natural, genuine message that brings value to the lives of your customers by answering questions, highlighting events, or providing examples of positive reviews from past customers. Mix these topics in with discounts and promotions.

9. Get Mobile

Make sure that your email content is optimized for mobile access. Many users exclusively check their email through mobile devices. If your content does not translate well to a mobile experience, customers may simply delete your content.

10. Hire an Email Marketing Service

The best way to ramp up your email marketing campaigns is to partner with us. When you partner with the experienced team at Enormous Elephant, we will help you to craft expertly written content that will resonate with consumers, tracking your campaign and optimizing it along the way. Contact Enormous Elephant today to learn more!