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Cutting-Edge Video Production

When you need innovative video creation and editing services, Enormous Elephant is just the team for the job. We are a collective of innovative web designers, passionate artists, master strategists, and genius-level videographers. Take your industry by storm and captivate consumers with Enormous Elephant’s online video editing services.

Enormous Elephant is known for producing high-quality work. We have served clients of all kinds across various industries. Our experts have partnered with international enterprises and local businesses. No matter what your video creation needs may be, our team is up to the task!

Amazing visuals enhance your brand.

Our Professional Video Production

Now more than ever before, consumers expect to be wowed from the moment they visit a webpage or social media site. If you truly want to grab their attention, a well-designed video accomplishes that goal like nothing else. However, creating a video that performs well with audiences requires finesse and artistry.

That’s where we come in. Enormous Elephant is a multi-dimensional marketing firm. Our diverse talent pool has the skills and expertise necessary to provide your company with engaging video content that will keep clients engaged and generate leads.

Our team takes time to learn the intricacies of your industry. Our goal is to be your voice in a crowded marketplace. To do that, we must first understand your company’s values and identify your target audience.

Enormous Elephant is not your average video production team. We provide professional video editing services with a client-centered approach.

Why choose us

for your video ad creation?

At Enormous Elephant, our team has found the perfect way to marry creativity and data-driven methods. This winning method guides every decision we make and allows us to provide content that produces results. 

We offer a full suite of video ad creation services, including:

Video Production

Enormous Elephant will provide your business with a custom video that connects with clients and provides significant ROI. Instead of relying exclusively on written content, your site will contain the perfect balance of videos, images, and SEO-focused content.

Enormous Elephant is experienced in creating video marketing content for every medium. We can provide your company with full-length ads for your site. In addition, we can produce short, captivating video content that is perfect for social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

With our help, you can connect with clients across multiple channels. The results of this multi-faceted approach are astounding. You will experience more leads, better sales, and sustainable growth.

Editing and Post-Production

Unlike some of our competitors, Enormous Elephant does not outsource the editing or post-production processes. Every aspect of your experience is handled in-house. Handling post-production ourselves results in a better final product for our clients.

Since nothing is outsourced, we are able to reduce the overall costs to create your video. We pass these savings onto you while delivering a high-quality final product.

In-house post-production work ensures continuity of message. We are careful to maintain a consistent message throughout each of your videos. Your video will be a representation of your brand as a whole. Handling post-production ourselves allows us to better protect your brand-building efforts.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. While it is certainly important to have plenty of well-composed content on your page, high-quality images can have a tremendous impact on consumer perception.

We are not referring to HD photos that were frantically chosen from your favorite stock image site, either. In fact, using too many of these images can have an adverse effect, making your page seem cheap, insincere, or illegitimate.

In addition to professional video editing services, Enormous Elephant offers still photography. Let us know what style and tone you want to use for images on your page and we will handle the rest.

Our experienced photographers will provide you with images that capture the unique style of your company. Whether you are looking for stern imagery or more whimsical stills, we can create the perfect photographs for your business.

Ongoing Video

Ad Creation Services

Enormous Elephant is known for producing high-performing video content. With that being said, even the best content will eventually need to be updated. When that time comes, we can oversee that process, as well.

At Enormous Elephant, we offer a full suite of advertising and marketing services. We take a data-driven approach to marketing. This results in content that looks great and produces the metrics to match.

Whether you need to boost conversion rates, improve ROI on advertising dollars, or simply want to give your page a facelift, our ongoing video ad support is just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s make things happen.

Digital Marketing & Video Production In Dallas, Texas

High-quality video production is just what your business needs to outpace your competitors and captivate consumers. If you are ready to incorporate high-quality video content into your marketing strategies, then it is time to contact our team. Enormous Elephant will make your online presence too big to ignore!

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