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Currently, there are nearly 2 billion websites that are live on the internet. U.S. based businesses alone account for millions of these websites. As you might expect, this has made the digital marketplace pretty crowded.

To make matters worse, cliché phrases and played-out buzzwords are rapidly becoming the norm for many marketing teams.  The result is that far too many businesses are getting lost in the crowd. Their sites are going largely unnoticed, and their marketing dollars are going to waste.

Enormous Elephant specializes in creative marketing services. Today, we’ll share some of our most effective tips for increasing brand visibility. By implementing our methods, you can keep users engaged, generate more leads, and grow your brand. 

1. Ditch the Filler Content

When you’re publishing content to your own site, you can make blogs and other posts as long as you want. However, going overboard on your word count can actually be counterproductive to your marketing goals. 

Instead of trying to create lengthy content, focus on producing meaningful articles that will be a resource for readers.

We recommend taking a look at some of your existing blogs and eliminating filler wherever possible. If you find that all of your articles are bloated with useless verbiage, then it is time to make a change. 

2. Get Personal

Instead of incorporating meaningless idioms into your content, get personal. Share the story behind your business in a way that will resonate with readers. By giving consumers a glimpse into the inner workings of your company, you can build trust and improve brand awareness.

 3. Choose Your Metaphors Wisely

While we want you to get rid of marketing clichés, we don’t recommend ditching metaphors entirely. When they’re applied properly, metaphors can provide consumers with insights into your industry. They are a great way to keep readers engaged and to explain your point of view in an interesting way.

However, you do need to be on the lookout for industry-specific clichés. Take a look at a few sites of your competitors. If you find that many businesses in your industry are using the same old metaphors, mix things up a bit — be different!

4. Be Specific

We recommend avoiding generalized statements. Instead of saying something like, “Cart abandonment rates are high in virtually every industry,” when possible, list detailed facts instead, like “the cart abandonment rate across all industries is 69.89%.”

Incorporating specific facts and statistics is a great way to spark user interest. This demonstrates that you know your industry. It also helps the reader to view your site as an authoritative resource.

By conducting a quick Google search, you can find studies or stats that support your statements. Taking a few extra minutes to do this with each new piece of content can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts. You can even review past posts and modify them to include specific information to back up your claims.

5. Partner with a Creative Marketing Services Firm

When you partner with a creative marketing services agency, you’ll gain access to a vast network of resources and experience. These firms specialize in building winning digital marketing strategies and can help you to improve your online presence. 

Some additional benefits of outsourcing your creative marketing assignments include:

  • Access to world-class expertise
  • The latest tools and tech
  • The ability to get results fast

Whether you opt to go it alone or hire an experienced creative team, having fresh content is vital. Next time that you are preparing to add new content to your site, make sure that you avoid these clichés and overused tactics! Get creative and give your audience a one-of-a-kind experience.