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If you are looking for an effective way to connect with consumers, then digital marketing and video production should be a part of your advertising strategy. With over 85% of U.S. internet users watching online video content every single month, leveraging this popular medium will expand the reach of your marketing content.

While you are probably eager to start pumping out video content, it is important that you have a strong plan in place first. In order to help, the creative minds at Enormous Elephant have outlined 5 proven tips for crafting a winning video marketing strategy.

1. Avoid Being Overly Salesy

Traditional advertising is on its way out for a reason. Modern consumers quickly become disinterested in overly promotional content that does not add value to their lives. 

As you’re planning out video marketing materials, make sure that they provide consumers with usable information while also lightly promoting your product. This is a great time to put your storytelling skills to use! 

You can also share testimonial information from past customers, which is a great way to build consumer trust. 

2. Develop a Strong Hook

In recent years, there has been a slew of articles and studies that highlight consumers’ ever-shortening attention spans. But what does this mean for your marketing efforts?

For starters, this trend of shortened attention means that video content is poised to take up an even larger portion of the digital advertising market share. It also means that your video content had better include a strong hook! 

If you do not draw your audience in within the first 5-10 seconds, then they are probably not going to keep watching. This means that all of your digital marketing and video production efforts are going to waste. 

3. Incorporate Captions

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are prime mediums for distributing your video marketing content. However, many users that watch videos on these platforms do so with the sound off. This means that you must include closed captions if you want to get a strong ROI from your video advertising materials.

By simply adding subtitles, you can generate more leads, improve the click-through rate, and increase user engagement. While subtitles are essential for video marketing on social media, adding them will also help ad performance on YouTube and your own website. 

4. Don’t Neglect SEO

Oftentimes, SEO is directly associated with written content like blogs and service pages. While incorporating keywords into well-composed written content is certainly important, it is only one component of SEO. Your video marketing materials must also be optimized for search if you want to reach a wide audience. 

There are several ways to get your video noticed. As discussed above, you should add in closed captions. You should also create a title that incorporates keywords, write a detailed video description, and add in relevant content tags. 

If you really want to make your video more visible, include a transcript that is rich in keywords, too! 

5. Include a Call to Action

If a consumer watches your video from start to finish, there is a good chance that they are interested in your brand. However, they are unlikely to take additional action unless you give them that extra push. 

Every marketing video should conclude with a concise call to action (CTA). The CTA should be included in the video’s dialogue and in the form of a button that is placed within the content. 

Depending on the nature of the content, the CTA may simply ask the viewer to like your social media page or subscribe to your channel.

By leveraging the proven tips outlined above, you can begin to create effective video marketing content and build your brand better than ever before!