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14 Benefits of Video Marketing

What’s the next best thing to being in person with a potential customer? Video! Actually, video might just not be the next best thing — it might even be the best thing. 

Video lets you speak, demonstrate your products, or share insights to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people at once. It’s a kind of reach that simply isn’t possible with other kinds of marketing.

Video creation is one of the best marketing tools you have at your disposal. If you want to get in front of the largest audience possible, it’s time to start making videos. 

Here are 14 reasons why video marketing should be part of your advertising strategy.

Video Builds Trust

Creating video allows customers to meet you without actually having to meet you! People trust someone more when they can look them in the eye. Instead of doing business with a faceless entity online, customers can feel like they know the people they’re working with when they buy a product from you. 

Video Gets Shared

A short, compelling video can take the place of an in-person pitch. When you connect effectively with your audience, they’ll share your content, allowing you to expand your reach effortlessly.

Filter Out the Fluff

Digital marketing and video production are all about control. You can’t always rein in an in-person meeting or product demonstration, but you can edit your video to show the important details and leave the rest behind. No filler — just straight to the point.

Help the Search Engines Find You

Did you know that when you upload a video to YouTube, you make yourself easier to find on Google? After all, Google owns YouTube! 

With video advertising, your site will rise through the rankings as your content views increase. Embed your videos on your website, share them on social media, and watch as your brand appears higher and higher in web searches. After all, you can’t gain customers if you can’t reach them.

Mobile is Home to Video

Over half of all video views happen on mobile devices. People like watching videos on their phones, so optimizing your website for mobile is a smart idea.

Show Your Expertise

The idea that people can learn new skills on YouTube is not a new one. Many businesses and skilled professionals use video to position themselves as the go-to experts in their field. The more you share, the more people will look to you first.

Increase Your Return on Investment

Creating a video doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be effective. Your return on investment (ROI) is considerable when you compare the cost of a video to the leads it generates. 80% of the businesses that engage in video marketing report that their videos directly result in increased sales. Don’t miss out!

Catch the Lazy Crowd

You know who loves videos? Lazy people. You know who also has money? Bingo. This might sound like we’re singling people out unfairly, but the truth is, video exploits a key laziness that we all have. Information is simply easier to digest in video form.

When they are faced with a wall of text vs. a video in which an expert clearly explains the subject, the vast majority of people will choose the video every time.

Bait for a Click

Videos have on average a 1.84% click-through rate. Does that percentage sound low? Well, it’s higher than any other digital ad format.

Engage an Audience

Want people to open your email? Put the word “video” in the title. Put a video link with a solid thumbnail in your emails and you’ll drive engagement!

Sway Consumers

When you increase understanding for the consumer, they will be more willing to buy your product. On top of that, 43% of companies claim that videos reduce the number of support calls received. This means less stress on your staff and a more satisfied user base!

Lead the Leader

When you position yourself as an expert, you’re going to attract other experts. CEOs and other decision-makers often watch videos when they’re learning about a product. You might make a sale to more than just an individual with your video — you might win over a corporate contract!

Strengthen Your Brand

Everything that strengthens your brand is worth doing. Visibility is what people expect!

It’s Fun

We’ve saved the best for last. Making videos is just plain fun! If you have some employees who are loyal and looking for a creative outlet, video is a wonderful way to put them to work! 

You’ll need to have rules in place for messaging, but otherwise, letting a team take a small amount of time to develop a video is a win for you all the way around. 

Plus, you’ll boost morale and productivity — all while looking like the coolest boss ever. 

Even if you put a professional company in charge of the video process, getting employees involved shows that you value their input and abilities.

When your company commits to digital marketing and video production, you’ll create an avenue for your brand to have an impact on customers. Do it right, do it consistently, and you’ll see a dramatic change to your bottom line!