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Social media marketing is a fact of life for a modern business owner. If your company does not have a strong online presence, then the consumer experience and your revenue will likely suffer. 

On average, online stores with a good social media presence have approximately 32% more sales than companies that neglect these platforms.

While social media platforms are not the only channel that you should leverage to increase consumer engagement, it is a great place to start. Much of the content that is optimized for social will generally translate well to your website, too.   

Unfortunately, many business owners find breaking into social media to be pretty challenging. That is why the creative development services team at Enormous Elephant created this crash course to thriving on social platforms. 

Below, we’ll outline 4 proven tips that we have used to help our clients grow their brands and produce measurable results.

We know the anticipation is killing you, so let’s get started!

1. Bring Rapid Scrolling to a Halt

When you’re planning out creative content for social media, it is important to keep in mind that most users will access these platforms from mobile devices. They rapidly scroll through the feed until something catches their eye. You need to make sure that the “something” is your content.

For most platforms, we recommend using a 1:1 video ratio when possible. However, some platforms will support larger ratios that use up the full screen of mobile devices. That is why your content needs to be compatible with all placement sizes available on top social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Doing this will increase your chances of catching the eyes of users. 

2. Play to Users’ Short Attention Spans

The average social media user has a pretty short attention span. Most of them are not going to watch a full-length ad that spans two to five minutes. However, videos are a popular medium on all of the top social sites. The meteoric rise of TikTok over the last year demonstrated that fact all too well! 

When you want to increase user engagement, we recommend playing to short attention spans. Create a video that is captivating, one that gets right to the message. Highlight your logo and brand within the first couple of seconds. You should also limit the overall length of your video to about 30 seconds.

3. Don’t Get Too Wordy

Social media platforms are designed to allow users to share information quickly. Long-form posts generally do not perform well with consumers.

Whether you are tweeting, posting a status update, or sending out advertising DMs, keep your message concise. If the wording takes up more than a full screen on the average mobile device, many users will keep on scrolling without reading the entire message.

Generally, 150 characters or so is a strong benchmark for your social media musings. Follow the same basic rules as you would to write a meta description. Get your point across and incorporate a key phrase or idea. This tactic is meant to generate more interest and build brand awareness.

4. Track KPIs and Adjust Your Approach

Thanks to the power of analytics software, you can take the guesswork out of digital marketing. Once you have begun gaining traction with your new creative content, assess your progress by reviewing key performance indicators (KPIs).

If all of the important metrics are trending upward, then your campaign is in good shape. When progress begins to level off, then you know it is time to refresh your materials with some new content.

Put these proven tips into action and generate creative content that your consumers will love. If you want to make sure that your efforts hit home with your target audience and take things a step further, partner with a firm that specializes in creative development services