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In recent years, consumers have placed an increased emphasis on authenticity. They expect more out of the companies that they do business with and want to connect with them on a deeper level. 

In fact, 86% of consumers consider authenticity to be a key factor when they decide which brands to support.

When it comes to generating interest and getting consumers engaged, brand storytelling is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. The branding geniuses at Enormous Elephant consider storytelling to be an essential part of modern digital strategies

Here are 5 reasons why you need to implement brand storytelling into your marketing mix.

1. It Allows You to Stand Out

The biggest appeal to brand storytelling is that it allows you to stand out from the crowd. If you are marketing in the form of engaging stories and your competitors are not, then consumers will be more drawn to your business. 

Using this strategy, you can highlight your products and core values in a unique way while still drawing your audience deeper into the sales funnel.

2. Stories Improve Brand Loyalty

Storytelling does not just set you apart from the crowd. It can also foster a sense of loyalty in your consumer base. 

Marketing stories give your audience an opportunity to get to know your brand. They can feel more personally invested in the success of your company, which means that they are more likely to stick around in the long run.

3. It Shows Your Humanity

Brand storytelling gives you the chance to show consumers that your company is more than just a money-making enterprise. 

You can use storytelling to compliment your top employees or discuss community outreach efforts. Everyone loves a feel-good story, especially modern consumers.

4. Stories Connect with Your Consumer Base

As with other digital marketing efforts, brand storytelling should include content that is focused on your core audience. Do not attempt to cast too wide of a net. If you do, then the message of your story may be lost on your most important demographic. 

Instead, carefully craft the story so that it will connect with your consumer base. Address a common pain point, show how your company can provide a solution, and seal the deal with a natural call to action. 

CTAs in branding stories need to be more nuanced than those in traditional advertising. Gently encourage the reader to follow your social page or check out your latest product or service.

When it is leveraged properly, brand storytelling will help you to build stronger connections with your customer base. 

5. It Increases Vested Interest in Your Company

At the end of the day, you are still operating a business that provides some sort of commodity to consumers. However, buyers can easily find a similar solution from your competitors unless you offer a highly unique product. That is why brand storytelling is so important to the long-term success of your business. 

Once consumers have connected with your brand, they will develop a vested interest in your business. Even if they can buy the same product from the company down the street, they will have a strong desire to support you. 

When they’re contemplating where to get their products, they will think back to the story they read about your top employee or that community event that your business hosted.

Enormous Elephant, the Best Branding Agency in Dallas, TX

While anyone can tell a story, creating a captivating tale that truly connects with consumers can be quite difficult. If you want to maximize your return on investment and reap the benefits of brand storytelling, consider partnering with an innovative team like Enormous Elephant.

Our branding agency in Dallas, TX, has helped dozens of clients to achieve measurable results through the power of storytelling, data-driven decision making, and targeted marketing efforts. 

If you want to learn more about all that Enormous Elephant can offer your business, check out our past work or contact our team. Let’s make your brand too big to ignore!