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The turbulent events of 2020 forced businesses of all sizes to shift their focus and invest heavily in digital marketing. While these businesses used social media platforms to facilitate some communication with customers, email was the true MVP. 

Email is an affordable and efficient way of delivering custom messages to employees, current customers, and prospective clients.

As Dallas’ premier email marketing agency, the team at Enormous Elephant wants to help businesses rebound from the adversity of 2020 and 2021. 

Of all the digital marketing trends out there, we have identified 5 must-know email marketing trends to help you plan your 2021 campaigns. 

By leveraging these trends, you can make email advertising an effective part of your marketing mix.

1. Email is Still a Top Performer

If you conduct a quick Google search on the topic “digital marketing,” you will be blasted with thousands of articles about SEO best practices and social media advertising. While these are two essential tools that help you connect with consumers, they are not the top performers. That honor belongs to email marketing.

In fact, every dollar spent on email marketing yields about $42. That is a 4,200% return on investment! Don’t you wish all of your investments had an ROI that strong? 

2. People Want Genuine Content

Modern consumers are hungry for genuine, positive content. If you convince a user to open one of your marketing emails, it is essential that it contains the type of content they are looking for. Otherwise, they may not open the next one.

There are many different ways to satisfy this consumer demand. For example, you can include a feel-good story and end it with a link to your social page. Include a call-to-action (CTA) that encourages them to visit your page to see a video that corresponds with your story. 

3. Paid Newsletters Are a Flourishing Business

Businesses everywhere felt the effects of the pandemic in 2020. Traditional publications and journalists were hit particularly hard. In response, a handful of industry professionals launched email-based paid newsletters. These publications require a monthly subscription and usually focus on specialized topics.

You could consider signing up for a few of these popular newsletters. Since email marketing is the heart of their business model, you can probably gain a few insights on the ways to refine your own campaigns. 

4. Scalability and Personalization

Users do not simply expect your content to be positive — they want it to be personalized, too. Fortunately, modern email marketing software allows you to personalize email messages at scale. You can fully automate this process, even if your mailing list includes thousands of subscribers. 

There are lots of ways to personalize emails. You can include the customer’s name and suggest items they may like based on past purchases. Depending on the industry you are in, you can also send them a digital coupon for an item they purchase frequently.

A simple 5% discount on one of your items with good margins can really make customers feel special. 

5. Reliance on Email Marketing Agencies

Creating an effective digital marketing strategy is challenging, especially if you are new to online advertising. That is why many businesses choose to partner with an email marketing agency like Enormous Elephant. 

Our email marketing experts have helped many clients to achieve real results and grow their brands. When you partner with us, we will provide you with a tailor-made email marketing strategy. Our services include content creation, scaling, and much more!

If you are ready to learn more about our email marketing services, contact us today. We will work to make your brand too big to ignore!